Sandoz Building Material Ltd.

Sandoz offers superior conductive inks and conductive coatings to address a wide variety of applications in the energy, consumer electronics and utilities industries. Sandoz's product range of conductive, dielectric and other functional polymer thick film inks have been used to apply selective coatings on a variety of flexible and rigid substrates, via screen, flexographic and rotogravure printing methods.

Our conductive coatings and inks can be effectively dried or cured through heat or UV radiation. Sandoz's conductive inks (silver, silver/silverchloride, carbon-based, dielectric and other functional [e.g., electroluminescent pigments-based]) are used for the production of:

Flexible circuits for membrane touch switches
Keyboards for desktop and notebook PCs
Heating elements
Automotive sensors
Biosensors and EKG/ECG electrodes
Antennas for contactless smart cards and RFID labels
Touch screens
EL lamps
Printed circuit boards and potentiometers


5~30Pa.S (10rpm25C, 2min)

Solids Content by Weight



Stainless steel screen: 165~325mesh /

Polyester screen: 160~300mesh

Recommended drying T/t

130C/30minor 150C/10min

Theoretical Coverage

100-200 cm2/g(depends on the thickness of membrane )

Sheet Resistance

<0.06 /(thickness of membrane: 6µm)


3M600 adhesive tape1min,pull vertical, no exfoliation

Pencil Hardness



R<2 (width 1mm,2kg180,bend1min10times)

Maximum service temperature