Sandoz Building Material Ltd.

Pure sliver type conductive coating:


1. Application: apply to cell phones, computers and electronic information, communication equipment, precision equipment and so on..

2. Features:
1) has excellent electromagnetic shielding effect;
2) ABS, PC, ABS / PC, PA, HIPS plastic substrate, such as excellent adhesion
3) 100% pure silver powder medium, conductive properties of a good
4) excellent resistance to abrasion
5) the humidity of the fine
6) drying of the fine
7) The film-forming properties, and no powder from the phenomenon of hard durable paint film
8) The product is not easy layered sediment, and strong operating .

3. Technical Data:

1) Surface Treatment
First of all, the type of ester used in accordance with the IPA, ethanol and other reagents to remove sticky coating in the surface of the pollutants.
2) the work of environmental conditions
Workplace temperature: 15 degree ~ 30 degree
Relative Humidity: 60% ~ 80%
3) Painting work of equipment: air pressure sprayer
Nozzle diameter: 0.5 ~ 1.0mm
Spray pressure: 1.0 ~ 2.0kg/cm2
4) Note
- Should be kept at 15 degree ~ 25 degree dry place.
- The use of conductive paint temperature should be below 45 degree.
- Should be strictly managed packaging containers.
- The use of pre-mixing should be sufficient, will cause uneven mixing adverse conductive.
- Electrical conductivity of the diluted paint, you should use the recommended thinner.
- Diluted due to subsidence phenomena occur, it also requires the work of stirring.
- After the end of the work of ethanol should be used to clean spray gun washing.