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Ink series : glass ink; metal ink ;plastic ink, injecting ink, spray ink

UV curing ink, high gloss, the strong sense of three-dimensional, good fluidity, alcohol resistance, solvent resistance, environmental protection, the products comply with ROHS/EN-71/ASTM963/CANAD toy safety standards, and through authoritative testing organizations detection, does not contain heavy metals ,environmental protection non-toxic.

1. Applicable for : ABS, PMMA, HIPS, PVC, PC, AS,  and other hard rubber product's surface .

2. Features:
1) No solvent emissions, safety and no pollution.;
2) Fast curing, high production efficiency

3) Heat-sensitive substrates can be coated
4) Saving energy, high energy utilization

3. Technical Data:

4. Usage:

SAN series of ink to be used together with the SAN curing agent. With a ratio of ink 9, hardening agent 1, fully mixing evenly. The ink add curing agent use in 6-8hours, 65 degrees -75 degrees, bake for an hour. Under the necessity of you can add the 10%-15% open water for dilution, not with other types of ink mixing;