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Photoluminescence    Phosphor

lamp Phosphors

     fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, black(UV) light lamp, high pressure mercury

lamp, low pressure mercury lamp

     long afterglow phosphor

     radioactivit afterglow phosphor, super-long afterglow, long afterglow phosphor

     ultraviolet rays phosphors

     long wave 3650 um, shor twave 2537 um , vacuum ultraviolet phosphor(PDP)

     infrared phosphors

     up-conversion luminescence (Anti-Stokes),infrared stimulated luminescence,

thermoluminescence, multiphoton material,

     fluorescent pigment

     rare earth fluorescent pigment, organic fluorescent pigment, inorganic fluorescent pigment

Electroluminescent (EL) Phosphor

High-electrol DC voltage DCEL, AC voltage ACEL, thin film EL, thick film EL, organic

EL low-electrol light emitting diode (LED), OEL or OLED, silicon base Luminescent,

semiconductor laser

Electroluminescent  Panel  material:




Barium titanate(Carrier)

Median Layer Printing

High reflectivity, High conductivity


Additive for A, B Paste

Solidify Improvement

Diluter, Wash thinner

Viscidity Adjusting, Washing Tool

Dilution, Washing

ITO Film

Transparent Plastic Electric Film

Transparent, Flexible

Silver paste

Transparent Plastic Electric Film

Transparent, Flexible

EL phosphor

Lighting and Median Printing

Easier and Prompt Application

Electrode zebra paper(used inside of the panel) Or 

Copper electrode strip(used on edge the the panel) 

Back Electrode Printing

Good Conductibility

Insulating Coating: Insulation ink 

Back Electrode Protection

Easier Application