Sandoz Building Material Ltd.

SAN-PER36 & PER336 is a new kind of UV,photoimageable etching and plating resist ink which adhesion and covering power are far better than dry film. Its excellent coating ability can be totally shown via various coating methods. Sharp definition, high accuracy and very minor under cut make it extremely suitable for producing one side, double-sided , high precision multi-layer and flexible PCB boards. It's acid-resistant ink which also good for the boards such as stainless steel , iron and aluminous material. The special characteristic is can be for Sn plating without post-cure.

Series Etching Resist Ink has such features as below:
1)Good adhesion and coverage power to copper clad of boards.
2)Leveled ink coating with no separation, blistering void or pin-hole.
3)Very good etching resistibility to ensure sharp definition of circuit without burring.
4)Super high accuracy enables the minimum conductor
width/clearance to 2/2mil (0.05/0.05bbmm).
5)Remarkable mechanical properties like hardness, adhesion, wear resistance etc.
6)Wide operating tolerance limits reduces the percentage of rework and reject.
7)High photographic sensitivity reduces the degree of undercut. Easy removal of ink thus less the pollution. Low irritating to skin and eyes. Acid-resistant value: PH value 1-9, etching time less than 5mins under 45íŠí└5íŠ.